Recurring Payment Terms of Service

You accept this Recurring Payments and Billing Agreement when you sign up for a recurring payment with a third party when you accept our User Agreement. We may amend this agreement and provide you with 30 days’ prior notice by sending you an email with the amended user agreement. After this 30 day notice period, you will be considered as having expressly consented to all amendments to this agreement.

  1. Recurring Payments
    A Recurring Payment is a payment in which you (as a buyer) provide an advance authorization to a third party (such as a MoonClerk) for a third party initiated payment, that is a charge to the account or credit or debit card where that you supplied to us (“Nominated Payment Source”) directly on a one-time, regular, or sporadic basis. Recurring Payments are sometimes called “Subscriptions”, “Automatic Payments”, “Preapproved Payments” or “Future Payments”. By providing an advanced authorization for a third party initiated payment, you are giving the third party the ability to collect or reverse variable payment amounts from your Nominated Payment Source until such time as this arrangement is cancelled.
  2. You hereby authorize and instruct the third party (such as MoonClerk) to collect $67.95(includes shipping and handling) every 4 months for 1 one ounce jar of Vital 3 Derm Anti-Aging Cream from your Nominated Payment Source. You should make sure that you fully understand your payment obligations with the third party and ensure you always have sufficient funds to meet your ongoing commitment to the third party.
  3. If your third party initiated payment requires a currency conversion, the amount of the currency conversion fee will be determined at the time the applicable third party processes your payment and completes the transaction. You acknowledge that the exchange rate determined at the time of each payment transaction will differ and you agree to the future execution of third party initiated payments being based on fluctuating exchange rates.
  4. If the Nominated Payment Source fails (for example, a credit or debit card expires), it may be used again to try to complete the transaction.  If it fails again your recurring payments can be cancelled in which case you will no longer receive Vital 3 Derm Anti-Aging Cream every 4 months.  Any banking or other charges associated with failed payments can be charged to you.   
  5. Cancelling Recurring Payments
    In order to cancel the recurring payments simply click on the account management link sent to you by the third party (such as MoonClerk) Buyers may cancel a Recurring Payment at any time up to 3 business days prior to the date the payment is scheduled to take place.
  6. Merchant obligations

DermVite Inc., the producer of Vital 3 Derm Anti-Aging Cream agrees to supply its products in pursuant of the terms of service, the privacy policy, and the return policy listed in the checkout section of the shopping cart at