Results & Testimonials

Our results and testimonials are from real life volunteers that used Vital 3 Derm Anti-Aging Cream for 30 days.  These are the great results!

Image-11 black.png

Front and Left Side

After just 30 days, wrinkles and fine lines are less visible, the skin tone is more even and looks radiant and plump.  Around the mouth and under the eyes the fine lines disappeared or decreased significantly.


"I really enjoy the smooth creamy texture.  Vital 3 Derm Anti-Aging Cream was non-oily and felt great on my skin.  After using it my skin felt softer"   Erika S.


Right Side and Eye Closeup

Notice under the eyes again how the skin has less wrinkles and looks firmer.  Her skin has a more youthful appearance.



After a 30 day trial while using 5 other Dermatology strength products there was still an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, moisture, and tone.  The top arrows show diminished wrinkles and the lower arrows show a more even tone with sunspots on the right cheek.



I began using his face cream about 4 weeks ago, not really expecting to see an improvement in my skin. But ... I did! I didn't think I would see an improvement, because I already use a very good skincare line called XXXXXX. If you are interested in seeing the "before and after" photos I took of myself (with no makeup) and hearing more about my experiences with Vital 3 Derm cream, please let me know. I can recommend his cream in addition to anything else you may already be using. It works! I'll be selling it at Image Awareness Center very soon!

anet S.

Side View

After using Vital 3 Derm for 30 days the skins tone was more even as can be seen with the arrows here.  This sunspot was almost completely corrected.


Front View

"(1) the numerous lines on my forehead, which I lovingly earned from too much time spent writing and editing on my computer without glasses, have all but disappeared when I’m not squinting or otherwise squishing my forehead; (2) the skin on my face and  around my eyes is firmer which has reduced the lines underneath my eyes and made it a lot less noticeable that I don’t get anywhere close to  enough sleep"


"Overall, I would highly recommend Vital 3 Derm Anti-Aging Cream to anyone who is experiencing the same types of issues as me or other issues associated with aging or sun damage. You will definitely see results and you won’t have to wait too long to get them. I was beyond surprised at how noticeable the difference was for me personally and how little time had passed. It may take a bit longer for those that are older (again, not disclosing my age), but based on my experience, the results would be even better."


" Hello Everyone.  A few months back I started using Vital 3 Derm Anti-Aging Cream.  When I tried the product I was very impressed.  The cream was very rich and mousse like in texture.  It went on thick and then immediately absorbed into my skin.  My skin felt smooth soft and subtle yet firm.  I use the cream morning and night and was able to wear it under my foundation and make up without having any of it shift or look oily.  I have used the cream for several months now and I absolutely love it.  Throughout these months I have noticed my skin looking and feeling more firm as well as having a more even complexion.  The product has great ingredients.  It's certainly a healthier way to go about taking care of your skin.  I recommend Vital 3 Derm as a must try and if you are going to start, then you need to stick with it for at least 3 months to get the full effect.  You won't be disappointed."  Theresa S.  (Actress and Model)


“At first I was a bit worried that the cream will be greasy. But that turned out not to be the case at all, as it rubs in really well and feels pretty light. I have used it for about a month now, and I feel like my skin is tighter and smoother. I will definitely keep using it, and have recommended it to other people as well!”  Irene Y.  (Scientist)