How to get rid of dark cirles

We’ve all had those nights where we toss and turn and when we finally get out of bed there they are. Dark circles staring back at us in the mirror.  Why do we get them and what can we do about it?

Dark Circles Explained

These dark circles or blemishes are usually blood vessels under the skin that can be seen through the skin.  As blood passes through the veins close to the skin it gives the skin a bluish hue.  This happens under the eyes because our skin is really thin there.  It is about one fourth as thick as other areas of the body.  Sometimes our skin is even thinner under the eyes or we have deep-set bone structure that can make the areas under our eyes appear even darker.  These causes are genetic meaning that your parents gave it to you.  Allergies can also cause dark circles under our eyes.  Itching and rubbing under the eyes can cause more blood to pool there increasing the darkness.  Some food allergies can do the same.  Medications that dilate the blood vessels can also increase blood near the skins surface and increase dark circles.  Lack of sleep can contribute, but it isn’t the main factor.  Lack of sleep causes more blood to accumulate under the eyes, but it is unknown why this is caused.  As we age dark circles generally become more noticeable.  This is because our skin loses collagen, becomes thinner, and more translucent.

Getting Rid of Dark Circles

Sleeping with your head elevated or maybe an extra pillow can help stop blood from pooling under your eyes and a cold compress in the morning can constrict the blood vessels to lessen the darkness.  Antihistamines can help if allergies are the problem.  They can remove the itchiness and stop you from itching and making the dark circles worse.  Collagen building creams can combat the natural aging process that can cause dark circles.  When choosing a collagen building cream choose one that contains vitamin A and C along with peptides and natural ingredients that help protect collagen. Vital 3 Derm Anti-Aging Cream contains these ingredients and more making it effective against dark circles caused by aging.