Your new Skin Care Routine

Skin Care involves several different steps and can vary depending on your skin type. To start the skin should be cleansed, moisturized, and protected. Cleansing removes dirt, debris, environmental toxins, and makeup. Moisturizing helps the skin maintains its barrier function and protection against the sun should be included if not already in your moisturizer. Next is the Anti-Aging skin care component that includes anti-oxidant and anti-aging components to help your skin look beautiful and stay healthy. Anti-oxidants can prevent damage to your skin and stop the breakdown of important components in the skin. Anti-Aging components, which include vitamins, peptides, botanicals and with Vital 3 Derm products Rejuvicol are important because as we age our collagen and elastin gets broken down and ceases to function like it did when we were young. In order to maintain our skin function it is important to stop or reverse these components from breaking down. Therefore we recommend using a moisturizer that contains anti-oxidants and proven anti-aging ingredients as part of your daily skin care routines.