How does Vital 3 Derm help?

Vital 3 Derm contains potent clinically proven peptides, anti-oxidants, and active botanicals that help support rejuvenation of the skin. This is all combined in an elegent moisturizing formula that goes on smoothly, feels rich and non-greasy, and gets absorbed quickly. If this was all that Vital 3 Derm contained, it would be an outstanding formulation.

In addition, Vital 3 Derm contains RejuvicolTM – The Collagen Protection system. Collagen in the skin is constantly being made and broken down. There is a balance. As we age, the balance shifts towards breakdown. Rejuvicol blocks the breakdown of collagen, shifting the balance back towards that of youthful skin.

Taken together, these components make Vital 3 Derm a powerful Anti-Aging cream in the battle to turn back the clock. Vital 3 Derm can be used alone or in combination to treatments performed at your Dermatology office.